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Design/Build & Design/Assist

Even though Pieper Electric has been performing Design/Build & Design/Assist type projects since its inception more than 60 years ago, Institutional projects of this type are relatively new. Because of the complexity of the systems involved, these are not projects that just anyone can do. At Pieper Electric, we have the technology and we can help.

Our in-house CAD capabilities and 3D modeling are key components to keeping things straight when trying to fit 10 cubic feet of equipment into a 2 cubic foot space. These services are even more important when attempting to keep all members of a construction team from making costly mistakes and causing delays to a construction schedule.

Let us help you with your next project.


Do you remember the old-fashioned one room schoolhouses of the past? Well, they’re not like that anymore. Today’s students have more technology in one room than we used to have in the whole school and it takes a contractor that has the technical training and experience to wire it correctly.

At Pieper Electric, we help school districts construct, maintain, and update classrooms and labs to keep them up to date with the latest in academic technology. We can help with everything from the low voltage high-speed phone and data wiring to the latest in power generation and power protection.


Emergency conjures up lots of images. It takes on a whole new dimension when you’re talking about Hospitals. It’s definitely not a word an electrical contractor wants to hear from his hospital customers, if he doesn’t have the resources available when needed. Hospital power is critical power. We understand that. If it’s not available when needed, it literally could be the difference between Life and Death.

Pieper Electric has the resources, Emergency or otherwise, to assist any facility at any time with the help they need. With over 80 service vehicles available and a field staff of over 300 electricians, we can handle any crisis.

In addition to that, we have service staff familiar with almost all of the hospitals in Southeast Wisconsin. This means, you don’t have to spend important hours training our staff on proper protocol and work habits for these sensitive environments. We can simply get to the site and start the work. No hassles, no baby-sitting. Hospitals like St. Lukes, St. Catherine’s in Racine, and Children’s, have trusted their electrical work to Pieper Electric for years for just those reasons. Don’t take chances with your power system, contact us.

Senior Care & Living

Older adults and Senior Citizens deserve special care. These folks have fought most of our wars, built many of our businesses, and developed a lot of the charitable organizations we benefit from today. Pieper Electric is sensitive to those needs and many more.

We have been working with Senior Care and Special Needs Providers for over six decades, so we understand some of the limitations and nuances of the Senior class. We know that it’s easier to plug into an outlet that’s knee-high instead of ankle-high, that it’s easier to change a light bulb that you can reach, and that a light switch is no use unless it’s in a spot that’s accessible.

We also understand that many of these centers have Critical-care needs as well and may need Hospital-type redundant power or protection systems.

At Pieper Electric, we have designers and installers that not only know these intricacies, they look for ways to help improve the lives of this important group of people. Call us to see how we can help.