Featured Market Hospitality / Entertainment

For the comfort and enjoyment of your guests and patrons.

Today guests of restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues expect only the very best. While customer service in this industry has and always will be a key contributing factor to ensuring a positive experience, a facilities atmosphere and environment are also critical. From lighting and temperature to technology systems that allow patrons to become fully immersed and engaged in their environment. The systems that power venues in this industry are essential for the comfort and enjoyment of guests and patrons.

For more than six decades, Pieper Electric has functioned as a trusted partner to growing number of Wisconsin-based entertainment and hospitality venues. From professional sports venues such as Miller Park and the Milwaukee Bucks training facility to performance and entertainment spaces such as the Kern Center and Ho-Chunk Casino, our team has a broad range of experience in this space delivering high-quality building systems that ensure a positive visitor experience.