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Shaping technologically advanced learning environments.

Schools and other institutional facilities have come a long way from what they once were. Today, technology is at the heart of the learning environment requiring more robust power systems to support the heavy electrical loads running through these facilities. In addition to supporting a facility’s technology needs, the heating and cooling of these buildings is also key to maintaining a comfortable and stimulating learning environment.

At Pieper Electric, we have worked with countless schools, universities and other learning institutions to implement advanced power and technology systems to support their needs. With more than sixty years of electrical experience, we have seen the way educational facilities have evolved and how their needs are changing, making us a qualified partner in this industry.

In every engagement, we’re able to provide trained field technicians that are skilled in the institutional space, which allows for efficient and timely design, build, installation, service, and maintenance that’s on time and on budget. Regardless of project size and scope, our goal is to work with district officials, school administration, and facility managers to provide outstanding electrical service that exceeds expectations. As a company with a culture focused on servant leadership, we’re always putting the needs of our customers first which builds trust and lasting relationships with our customers.