We don’t strive to just be present in each market, but to be the leader in the markets we serve.

In the automotive industry, Pieper Electric’s Automation group partners with manufacturers to bring their, automation and control solutions expertise to the table.


For more than six decades, Pieper Electric has been delivering world-class services to commercial customers.


Pieper Electric proudly serves the printing industry as a provider of high quality installation, maintenance and repair services.

Converting Print & Web

At Pieper Electric, we have a team of professionals who are experts in sustainable, renewable and energy efficient building technologies.


Through our a long-standing relationship with leading food and beverage manufacturers, we’ve helped them implement and devise systems that enable them to adapt their processes to respond to changing consumer tastes.

Food & Beverage

Our dedicated healthcare division, consists of more than twenty certified healthcare journeyman electricians who have an intimate knowledge of how healthcare facilities operate, their needs and the strict health, safety and security requirements that govern how they operate.


Pieper Electric has specialized expertise in mining and heavy industry with a successful history of working in industrial environments for rock quarries (MSHA sites), asphalt plants and other related mining settings.

Heavy Industries

For more than six decades, Pieper Electric has functioned as a trusted partner to growing number of Wisconsin-based entertainment and hospitality venues.

Hospitality / Entertainment

In industrial settings, safety and efficiency are always top priorities, which is why Pieper Electric makes the perfect partner to manufacturers across industries.


At Pieper Electric, we have worked with countless schools, universities and other learning institutions to implement advanced power and technology systems to support their needs.


At Pieper Electric, we have the resources, personnel, and experience to work with mission critical business systems across industries.

Mission Critical

At Pieper Electric, our world-class automation group has a proven track record working with manufactures across industries to design, build and implement process automation systems for producers of all sizes.


Since 1989, we’ve been repairing and safeguarding home mechanical systems, ensuring that we stay at the top of our game, and keeping with the latest technology.


Pieper Electric partners with municipalities, local governments, and power companies to maintain and service the electrical systems that operate local water and wastewater facilities and power plants.