Who We Are

Pieper Electric is a leading electrical, mechanical and automation contractor that is employee-owned and operates throughout the state of Wisconsin.


is our number one priority.

Safety is our moral obligation and number one priority. It’s our responsibility to elevate that, not just within our company, but within our homes and community as well. At Pieper Electric, one incident is one too many. We do everything in our power to ensure our employees return home to their families in the same, if not better, condition than which they came.

Our investment and emphasis on safety demonstrate the value we have for our people. We invest tens of thousands of hours into safety education and training to ensure our employees are equipped with the skills they need to work safely. Just as our safety slogan states, we’re working together for tomorrow.


creates a fun and vibrant workplace.

At Pieper Electric, we’re family. Together we laugh, learn, innovate and solve challenges that make a difference for our customers, and each other.

We’re a company focused on safety, culture, people—and strive to foster a workplace that is stimulating, inclusive and fun. We were founded as a family business and that family atmosphere still remains today, over 1,000 employees strong, now with the growth opportunities of a larger business. The family atmosphere isn’t just felt in the company sports teams, potlucks, and holiday events, but in the care for each other in and outside of the workplace. This means pushing each other to be better, to learn more, and to hold each other accountable for success. We strive to provide opportunities that enable our employees to connect with each other and build a stronger sense of team.


are our power.

At Pieper Electric, our people are our power. As a full-service electrical, mechanical and automation contractor, our people are what enable us to stand out in our industry. They’re the reason for our success. Founded on the principle that every person should strive to first and foremost be a servant leader, we work tirelessly to keep our people safe, enlighten and stimulate their minds, and teach them how to be good stewards of the community in a genuinely serving way. From these efforts, we’ve grown into a truly unique company. By putting our people first, we are able to consistently deliver to the highest quality standards in the industry and develop lasting relationships with our customers.

Our people thrive in this entrepreneurial structure that encourages every individual to learn and grow. Our commitment to the advancement of our people is unique to our industry and keeps our company strong. We invest in our people not just professionally, but personally as well through our continuing education and development opportunities. As one employee improves the company improves, and we move forward stronger together. We believe in this so much that we annually survey our employee engagement to ensure we’re living by the golden rule, and maintaining an environment that motivates, challenges, and values our people. Each year, we score above the industry average.


empowers our people.

At the heart of our culture is servant leadership, which transcends everything we do. Servant leadership is the philosophy that one cannot lead alone, but must also mentor and serve others. Our commitment to servant leadership has been the key to our success and assures our future. It is the cornerstone of our company that shapes who we are by instilling:


a spirit for entrepreneurship that empowers our people to lead.


a priority for the wellbeing of our people and our customers.


a sense of ownership in the quality of services we deliver.


a dedication to ethical business practices and operations.


a commitment to continued education of our employees.


a responsibility to satisfy our customers with our service.


keeps us charging forward.

Our vision is to develop entrepreneurial individuals and teams with demonstrated character that will be leaders in the markets they serve.

We don’t just strive for a presence in each market, we strive to lead as we serve. Success cannot be achieved or measured without the foundation and demonstration of character. This is the basis upon which we hire and grow our people.


guide our actions.


puts the future in our own hands.

In 1990, as Dick Pieper planned for his eventual transition from the business, he had one goal: Ensure the future of PPC Partners as a company guided by the principles of ethical behavior, progressive practices, and growth for people.

The answer: Turn the company over to the very people who knew the company best and believed in it most — its employees.

Pieper Electric is unique in our industry as an employee-owned electrical contracting company. Offering stock to eligible employees, our employee ownership program offers great financial benefit to employees that translates to our customers. As owners, our employees are invested in our business—meaning they’re more engaged in what they do and where our company is going. There is pride in ownership, which fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and personal responsibility for the ongoing success of the organization. Our hard work is driven each day by owning our future.


gives back to our community.

The PPC Foundation exists to pass prosperity back to the communities in which we operate. We give back through wise, purposeful and compassionate service believing that it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving that makes the difference.

Each year our foundation distributes 10% of our pre-tax profits between non-profits requested by our employees and the community. As a company, we care about what our employees care about, and we encourage each other to commit our talents and time to community involvement. We do so simply because it is a part of who we are, and we believe in giving back to the communities that have helped us grow. Service makes our people broader, deeper, more compassionate and understanding.